Message from the Executive Head Teacher (1st March 2018)

RE: Head of School

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you may be aware, recently due to personal circumstance Mrs Tina Whitehouse relinquished her role as Head of School, leaving the position vacant. 

In the interim period the School, Trust and Governing body has worked tirelessly to put forward sustainable plans to fill that vacant position and ensure the momentum of whole school improvement continues. Following a Trustwide recruitment campaign, I am delighted to announce the appointment of Ms S Cooper to the position of Head of School for Northern House School (City of Wolverhampton). I trust you will all join me in welcoming Ms Cooper to her new role and wish her every success for the future.

Ms Cooper has the strategic drive, clear focus and vision necessary to lead change for improvement. She is committed to raising standards, socially, emotionally and academically to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved. 

On another note I would like to draw to your attention to some changes to both the infrastructure and school curriculum. Over the half term break the premises team and a number of sub contractors have been hard at work developing and improving the school building. We now have a number of newly fitted double glazed windows which have improved both the aesthetic, safety and energy economy of classrooms and corridors. The team have installed motion sensor lights to a number of classrooms and corridors and have refurbished rooms, replaced doors and decorated areas in need of a face lift. I would like to extend my thanks to all staff involved in the renovation work, for their commitment and dedication. 

In relation to the timetable, all staff have worked hard to design a more accessible curriculum for the young people of Northern House School. The new curriculum was launched this week, it offers additional opportunities around vocational and enrichment learning to support social, emotional and academic progress. The new timetable minimises the movement of pupils which in turn reduces the number of behaviour related incidents. We now have a designated room for animal care and agricultural studies which all pupils can access as part of accredited group work or targeted interventions.

I look forward to hopefully meeting you at the forthcoming share and talk event, to discuss both your child's progress and also showcase the improvements that have been made to support better outcomes for all. 


Your Sincerely,

Adam Price

Executive Headteacher