Asbestos Awareness Training (15th February 2018)

Having our own Facilities Manager, Kelvin Preen, who is a trained trainer (Education and Training, formally PTLLS) can be useful.

Here he is providing some school specific health and safety training in our newly refurbished conference/training room to some of our contractors (LG Building Contractors) prior to them commencing some work.

The training taking place here is Asbestos Awareness Training and such training, which will ensure not only  are these contractors safe when undertaking work for us, but will also ensure all our staff and pupils are safe.

Did you know: ‘The fake snow in the film Wizard of Oz (1939) contained 100% industrial-grade chrysotile asbestos fibres, and anybody who came into contact with this material inhaled it in quantities similar to those working in asbestos mines’.